To The Point / Life's Torment "split" 7"


Two of the West Coast Fast Core / Hardcore heavy weights together on one piece of random colored wax. Representing the slum that is Los Angeles, TO THE POINT continue this aural onslaught with 7 ruthless elegies that exemplify their brand of hardcore, with searing vitriol and sarcastic anthems about regret, aging “punk rawkers”, people who don’t deserve to live, un-trustworthy law enforcement, and apathetic technology. No-one safe from their lyrical malevolence, and unrepentant musical terror that we’ve all grown to admire from this band of noble savages. The vocals from Cave Dweller (as always) crush you like a ten-ton hammer, the drumming throbs with kamikaze boldness, the guitars dissect & shred with a slightly damaged metallic flavor, leaving the bass to pulsate your core and to leave you with a bad liver infection. Sadly, this is the last material TO THE POINT will release as they called it quits a few million years ago during the last mass extinction. Hailing from the hellish heat of Las Vegas, Life’s Torment hit you fast and hard with 6 new bangers that mix the anguish and terror of Black Flag coupled with the lighting fast drumming and fierce riffage from the likes of Capitalist Casualties and early Suicidal Tendencies. The vocal delivery is honest in its abusiveness, no mixed messages here. They even bust out a LACK OF INTEREST cover (I DON”T CARE) that sneaks in a little over half way through their side. This is one tight as fuck 3 piece who continue to punish boundaries while still being firmly entrenched in the roots of punk and hardcore. Limited to a one time pressing of 500 copies.

  • 58 available 100%