PLF / Subcut "split" 7"

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This split with these mega-lethal Brazilian rawgrind veterans was long in the making, having first been discussed after trading tapes with each other in the year 2000. In fact, the "Swarming Industrial Cancer" EP was originally recorded to be a split LP with Subcut.

After re-establishing contact in the ~halcyon days of MySpace~, it was decided that some kind of joint effort had to finally happen.
The PLF side was recorded in 2010 (same session as the split with Birdflesh), contains a Terrorizer cover, and was the final studio session to include the band's first drummer.
The Subcut side contains 5 tracks of completely vicious crusty-grind anger, and frankly blows us clean off of the turntable. Afonso delivers almost all of the band's vocals, while totally punishing the kit with all kinds of blasts, D-beats, and general insanity. What a great fucking band.