Agathocles - "Baltimore Mince Massacre" LP (German Import)


2016, BALTIMORE, USA……. Years after frequent attempts of AGATHOCLES trying to get into the USA for making a tour, being refused entrance into the land of freedom several times in the 90’s and last time in 2015, AGATHOCLES managed to get into the „country of freedom and hope“ in summer 2016. Wasting no time and playing a show everyday, AGATHOCLES also got the chance, on a very hot afternoon in July 2016, to make a full studio session of 38 songs with JOE WARKENTIN doing all the vocals and second guitars. Imagine the combination of a heated up (near 40 degrees) small studio in Baltimore, with friends around, no sleep, all adrenaline, the „we wanna make noise now“ spirit and the plan of playing a show that same night… The result: a massive driller killer sensation of old AGATHOCLES cognac poured with the finess of ARCHAGATHUS whiskey and the bulldozing bass gin of MORTICIAN. STIR IT WELL AND YOU GET THIS ALBUM !!! The LP is housed in an inside/outside cover design and contains a huge full colored booklet.

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