Genital Masticator - “From Originality To Vulgarity” LP (Italian Import)


Black vinyl limited to 200 copies.
Official reissue of the cult demotape "From originality to vulgarity" self-released by the band's own label Cadaverizer Records 30 years ago... now for the first time on vinyl. 444 SONGS, extremely radical Noisecore ferocity from the Canary Islands. One of the sperheads of the deranged Spanish Noise/Grind scene in the '90s that spawned sonic aberrations such as Violent Headache, Psychotic Noise, Excreted Alive, Potabilizadora, Pestufator, L.D.K. and countless more. Sourced from the band's master to preserve all its unrelented brutality and sickness. Complete anti-musical catastrophe in its most deadly incarnation, if you're looking for riffs, technicality and arrangements.. FUCK OFF!! Includes insert with photos of the time, scans of the original tape and liner notes.

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