Ugly - "Autograph" LP (Butterscotch)

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1st pressing of Ugly's latest full length.

NOW YOU WILL BE BROKEN. This is the epitaph that Prescott Arizona’s repugnant quartet UGLY preaches with every ounce of boiling vitriol. The sounds are falling bombs and the words are the aftermath of a desiccated, burned out world unknown. Everything about this music comes from a painful place. Conceived in August of 2016, the group set out with one mission in mind, to make a sonic backdrop that reflects the current state of the world as they interpret it. The reality we cohabit is cruel, devious and relentless. An insatiable killer that we elect daily to guide us anew on a path of modern day barbarism. We all play our part to make it so… And It seemed fitting that the music reflect the sentiment.

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