Discharge- "Noise Not Music 1980-1983" Book + 4xCD Boxset

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New, expanded version of DISCHARGE "Noise not music" Audio & Visual history 1980-1983 BOOK + 4 x CD with 36 additional pages and loads of extra audio content than the vinyl box set released 5 years ago on F.O.A.D.
The most exhaustive BOOK ever made about DISCHARGE, hundreds of band photos with many unseen and printed in high quality for the first time (Northwood Parish Hall 1980, Tunstall Town Hall 1980, Stevenage Bowes Lyon House 1981, Rome 1981, Yugoslavia 1981, Zig Zag Club 1982 etc). Plus rare gig flyers, music weekly interviews, features and press clippings of release adverts and reviews, all accompanied by a historically accurate band history researched and written by notorious DISCHARGE collectors Rich Walker and Leigh Rocker, documenting the years 1977 to 1983 featuring new interview material and contributions from Rainy, Tezz, Bones, Garry, Bambi, Pooch and band manager Tanya.
"In 1980, four teenagers from the darkest depths of Stoke On Trent exploded onto the world punk scene with the subtlety of a nuclear warhead detonation. Collected across this revised and expanded edition of 4 x CD's, and accompanied by a hardback book with 100 full-color pages of rare band photos, flyers and original magazine features, is a monstrously detailed historical dissemination documenting the band's unrelenting assault upon HC punk audiences worldwide". (Rich Walker)
Audio contents (more than 4 hours, 125 TRACKS!!) :
- Live at the Music Machine, London, England, 28.10.1980 (First London gig)
- "Where's our freedom?" EP
- "Massacre of Montreal" EP
- Live at the 100 Club, London, England, 23.02.1982
- Live at the City Club, Detroit, USA, 15.09.1982 (First USA Tour)
- Live at the 9.30 Club, Washington DC, USA, 16.10.1982
- Live at the 100 Club, London, England, 15.03.1983
- Live at Xtreems, Brighton, England 03.03.1983
- Live at Paychecks Lounge, Hamtramck, USA, 20.11.1983
Plus bonus track of Canadian TV interview 1983 with Cal and Garry

DISCHARGE was more than just noise, the band was a musical reaction to the brutal times and circumstances faced by people in the U.K. under the Thatcher regime, they were also a voice for the “X” generation without a future; but most importantly, they were FAST, RAW, LOUD, HARDCORE PUNK!